Omni-Channel or Multichannel Retailing

Omni-Channel or Multichannel Retailing, Which Is the Best Option?

With technological evolution, online marketing is taking a new turn. New marketing strategies and approaches are popping up each day. For you to enhance your productivity in the virtual arena, you need to possess extensive knowledge of this approaches. In the recent past, two terminologies came to the surface and started defining online marketing. However, many people confuse one for the other. The termsat omnichannel and multichannel retailing. What are they?

Omni-channel retailing

Omni-channel retailing refers to marketing your products in various online channels and ensuring that customers enjoy the same experience. The concentration is on how a customer feels when shopping at multiple points and platforms where they interact with your products.

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Multichannel retailing

In contrary, multichannel retailing is about transforming each customer engagement point into selling channel. You reach out to the customers with your products and services and interact with them at their usual places.

Differences between Multichannel and Omni-channel

The two approaches have several differences based on their aim and objectives. Here are some:

a)   Engagement and consistency.

The overall goal of omnichannel is enhancing customer consistency across the selling points. This happens through ensuring similar messaging and communication on the online marketing platforms. On the other hand, multichannel focuses on enhancing engagement across the channels. The approach focuses on driving sales by offering customers an opportunity to interact with them and purchase the products at the point of contact.

b)   Customers versus channel

Multichannel retailing focuses on treating each channel as a unique selling point that requires special treatment. Conversely, omnichannel aims at unifying the channels and ensuring uniform customer experience across the marketing points. The overall goal of this approach is enhancing the brand-customer relationship. Also, the omnichannel is based on the integration of all channels in creating one e-commerce experience. Inversely, multichannel is founded on the notion of providing many channels to offer freedom to the customers on choosing their preferred shopping platform.

Final thought

Both multichannel and omnichannel retailing are viable marketing approaches. However, they differ in their objectives and goals. For omnichannel, the purpose is to offer unified and seamless customer experience. Also, its purpose is building a healthy relationship between brands and customers. Hence, it is a right way of strengthening brand loyalty. On the other hand, multichannel focus on customer engagement and convenience. It aims at making it easier for customers to purchase goods and services right from where they spend time. Hence, it is a right approach for driving sales and serving customers with varying needs and preferences.

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